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EMRI (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index) is a type of testing and research tool that assists in investigating mold contamination within a structure.  This test is completed by analyzing the dust samples and is a highly specific DNA-based method for determining mold species and produces a score.  The ERMI score helps understand the level of biotoxins in the environment. (EPA ERMI)

The ERMI test alone may not be able to explain the entire picture of how the structure needs to be remediated.  Additional home inspections may be needed to assess any prior water damage and air quality mold sampling taken in order to complete the investigation and provide an accurate estimate. 

SMART Restoration LLC works with customers who are sensitive to mold, have mold allergies, and may also have a current auto immune illness.  Many customers tell us they don’t feel well and can’t figure out why.  Often times individuals with mold symptoms can get very sick while others around them aren’t sick.   Most people aren’t aware that the environment in which they live or work in daily can be the cause of their symptoms or illness. 

In fact, some people are more sensitive to fungus that produce toxins called mycotoxins.  These individuals not only show mold related symptoms but may have already been diagnosed with aspergillosis (CDC Aspergillosis) or even CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome).  Approximately one fourth of the population is genetically prone to and susceptible to mycotoxins. (CIRS) So if you are wondering why you continue to get sick, you should seek a  professional expert to evaluate your property. (WebFMD)

We are the ERMI cleaning experts in Kansas City who work with ERMI customers to remediate their properties using various methods to get the job done properly.  Hiring a restoration company who understands this specific type of remediation is key to getting your structure professionally cleaned and on the road to recovery.  Call Smart Restoration today for a free consultation, assessment, and estimate.


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SMART Restoration LLC services our Kansas City metro area residential and commercial customers for their mold remediation, ERMI remediation, water mitigation, sanitization cleaning, construction cleaning, and pressure washing needs. Our company adheres to the CDC, OSHA, EPA, CIRI, FDA, and IICRC standards. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured. We provide free inspections and free estimates. We employ no pressure sales tactics and our expertise sells itself.

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Our SMART Restoration team was founded on providing a thorough estimate to complete the job correctly while also explaining reasons why the work is being completed. Our company believes in SMART options for our customers so they can make informed decisions regarding possible options to select within their budget.

SMART Restoration LLC holds a highly trained and professional staff in the KC metro area. Our staff has a total of 60 plus years’ experience in the industry while between the two owners there is 26 years combined experience.