SMART Restoration delivered beyond expectations! Money very well spent for our post-construction clean-up. They cleaned from top to bottom. After the vacuuming, blowing and air scrubbing, they wiped down every item. We feel that we got more than we paid for.

Charley L.

They removed mold & algae from outside of our home. Great job of power washing entire house, porch, sidewalk. Very professional & friendly. I would highly recommend.

Cora F

I was so lucky to find this company. They are the best I've ever hired in my 77 years . Their customer service is unbelievable. They believe in customer service from a time long ago and they go beyond what anyone could expect...make sure you know what is happening and why, concerned with your welfare while work is being done, try to help and take care of any problem you may have. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs their service. You will not be disappointed. Pony, Marie and the whole staff are great and caring people who will do everything they can for they clients. They are more than a 5 star company.

Paula Y.

We used Smart for a Covid disinfectant cleaning in our home, from the beginning to the end of the process everyone we spoke to was quick to respond, was able to fully describe what types of products and chemicals were going to be used (with a dog and a toddler it was very important to me that the products be safe). I would not hesitate to recommend Smart to anyone.

Julia H

My husband and I purchased our home and had to leave 3 short weeks later due to excessive amount of mold, including black mold. I frantically called around to get quotes and recommendations on what the heck we were supposed to do. I had several different companies come to our home but truly didn’t feel confident with anyone besides Pony and his team at SMART Restoration. *Side note: know what you’re looking for when it comes to remediation. Just because companies do the work does not mean it’s by the books! Learn what certifications to look for. PS...Pony‘s team has them!* From the first visit until our all-clear phone call, my husband and I are SO glad we went with SMART. Now that we are back in our home, our minds are at ease that our home was properly remediated. Pony & the SMART team, I hope to NEVER have to see you guys at my house again. However, if I do I know I’ll be in good hands. Thank you all for EVERYTHING! The young men were kind, respectful, and informative of what they did to fix the problem. We are so grateful to have this taken care of as quickly as they did. We would also like thank Marie in the office for her kindness. Thank you all for making this situation not nearly as bad as we thought it would be!

Abigal L

Did excellent job on power washing and sealing large driveway that was overdue for this work. Excellent customer interaction.

Ken M

I cannot say enough about this company!!!! SMART Restoration has absolutely blown me away with their professionalism and their empathy towards our situation. My family and I thought we were going to end up losing our home due to dangerous mold from a very faulty roof and gutter system newly installed. It was very hard circumstances we were dealing with and everywhere we turned we had very little to no help. The day my wife and I had the utmost pleasure of meeting with "Poney" it was the biggest blessing from above we could have asked for! We were nervous and scared because we've already been taken advantage of once with previous roofing company but he was very understanding and empathetic to our situation. It was as if he took most of the burden and worry off of my shoulders and made a plan of attack and started making solutions for our problems. He was ALWAYS AVAILABLE for our millions of questions! I don't do reviews at all. Matter of fact this might only be my second one ever with my first one being a bad experience. So this is my first positive review. That's the impact this company has had on our lives! You want high class professionalism and people that actually CARE about your situation then call these people! Special thanks to Poney and his crew and Ben the project manager for the job on my home! They treated it as if it was their own home and we are VERY grateful our paths have crossed. God bless you all at SMART Restoration!

Carley H.

This company is a very thorough company. The COO of the company came to my house and did the inspection and gave me an estimate based on the size of the room to be remediate. They had a cancellation and were able to get my project completed sooner than anticipated. Cameron and Maddie did the work and they were very polite and hard working. I would highly recommend this company if you need any restoration work done.

Connie L

After a pipe broke in our house it was a disaster. Pony and his team were here half an hour after we called. The found the leakage in the wall and started working immediately. Everybody was very helpful and calmed us down. They did a terrific job drying our place, removed all the dirt and wet carpets and worked clean and professional. On a daily basis they were checking the dehumidifiers and ventilators and were available for good advice! We can highly recommend them and I would call them again - even if I hope, I do not need them in future! Thank you, Pony, Cole and the whole team of Smart Restoration! Great job!!

Michael Peter S.

We were under contract to sell our home when a problem with microbial growth was found in our attic. Of course we were nervous about the situation and needed to have it removed as soon as possible. After making a few calls and not having anyone respond we contacted Home Advisor and were so glad we did. Within a few minutes we were directed to Smart Restoration and within the hour Cole Fross was at our home after making the 45 minute drive. Cole is extremely knowledgeable and we knew we could trust his judgement. We were given an estimate a couple hours later and the job was scheduled to be completed 2 days later. Cole came back today arriving a few minutes before the two young men that were doing the job. Not many project managers would do that! The young men were kind, respectful, and informative of what they did to fix the problem. We are so grateful to have this taken care of as quickly as they did. We would also like thank Marie in the office for her kindness. Thank you all for making this situation not nearly as bad as we thought it would be!